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ASAP is the association for Amsterdam UMC PhD candidates. ASAP organizes a variety of events throughout the year, where you can learn, develop yourself, have fun and meet fellow PhD candidates. 

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A new exciting workshop from Mind Elevators!

June 24th | 12-14 pm | Online

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Get in shape for the 21k run under supervision of a trainer

July–October| offline

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Results: PhD questionnaire working from home

How did the pandemic affect our work routines?

In the beginning of 2021 PhD candidates were asked to fill in a questionnaire relating to the current working from home situation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 370 PhD candidates from the Netherlands filled in this questionnaire, of whom 146 work for the Amsterdam UMC. We would hereby like to share the results of this questionnaire.

In short, more than 50% of the PhD candidates experienced a delay in their PhD trajectory. Furthermore, more than half of the PhD candidates indicated to work less efficiently and have less joy while working from home due to reasons such as working better surrounded by colleagues and having an inadequate workspace at home. Also, some PhD candidates started experiencing physical complaints since working from home. Therefore, we recommend that the Amsterdam UMC and/or supervisors help facilitate contact between PhD candidates and the arbodienst in case of problems relating to the working from home space. Furthermore, given that the majority of PhD candidates spent more than €200 to improve their workspace from home, and the likelihood that after the COVID-19 pandemic we will be working from home more often, we recommend that the Amsterdam UMC re-evaluates possibilities for facilitating the work from home space.