Upcoming events

Upcoming events

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Up next:

  • 16th of September 16:00-18:30 | PhD Skills lab: Present like a boss. How to impress your audience with not only your data

On the 16th of September you will be blown away by all the presentation skills you can and will learn during the PhD skills lab: Present like a boss. Whether you have a talk in a conference, an important presentation for your research group, a job application or your thesis defence coming up, this afternoon will help you to get your presentation skills to the next level!

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  • 30th of September 12:30-13:30 | Pimp my: Resilience

Writing a PhD can be demanding and lonely work. It is easy to procrastinate and sometimes hard to keep going, especially when the research gets difficult and work pressure is high. In other words: writing a PhD requires a lot of resilience.

However, not everybody is equally resilient. Luckily you can develop your resilience actively. This webinar by Alexandra Gerny will show you just how to do that. You learn what resilience is, what it consists of, and how you can pimp it. In other words you learn how to bounce back.

After the webinar you:

  • Have a better understanding of yourself.
  • Know a large number of practical, hands-on and useful tools.
  • Have your personal recipe box, so you know exactly what you can do when things are getting strenuous or difficult.

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  • 14th of October 12:00-13:00 | Pimp my: Thesis layout

New webinar incoming! On the 14th of October, you can learn all about designing your thesis. Be sure to register for the free webinar hosted by Ben Riezouw: Registration link

  • 28th of October| PhD Starter Kit Skills lab: How to read and review a scientific paper

We are working hard on preparing this new awesome workshop! Two experts will give us their tips and tricks on how to do it neatly and efficiently. To help us make this workshop as helpful for you as possible, please fill in this survey.

  • July-October | Pimp my: Amsterdam half-marathon

This event is full.

Is running a half-marathon in your bucket list? Or you have already run one and now you want to improve your time? Then join ASAP to train and run Amsterdam Half-marathon together! Important to mention: Johan Horst will be guiding us through the preparations and he definitely knows what he’s talking about, because he won the Marathon of Utrecht in 2019!

When is the race? Amsterdam Half-marathon will take place on the 17th of October 2021.

For more information on the training and costs check out this page.

  • 26th November 2021 | Science night 

The Science Night Committee would like to announce the 11th edition of the Science Night which will take place on the 26th of November! The theme of the evening will be ‘Surviving life for dummies’. In total, four pioneering scientists will elaborate on influential principles of life and how we can implement these in our own lives. At the end of the evening your will be able to live your life to the fullest again. Mark the date!